Five Ways You Know You Are From Smith Lake, Alabama

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Lewis Smith Lake, or simply Smith Lake as it is known to locals, is located only one short hour from both Birmingham and Huntsville.

It’s convenient location near Bankhead National Forest gives the body of water a particularly secluded, heavily wooded feel.

A popular, yet peaceful lake, Smith Lake rivals the nation’s most beautiful lakes, thanks to it’s water clarity, stunning shoreline and diverse topography.

While every lake might claim pretty water and scenic views, you know few can compare to Smith.

1. You’ve never been anywhere more beautiful

clear water lewis smith lake, alabama

With many homes perched on picturesque bluffs or nestled among tall trees, Smith Lake is any outdoor photographer’s fantasy.

The lake, fed by the Black Warrior River, is also one of the deepest bodies of water in Alabama, and the western side of the lake borders the 180,000-acre Bankhead National Forest.

So here is a question you always ask your friends: why travel across the country to visit a national park when you can just walk a few steps to one?

2. You drop off mail at William’s Grocery in Arley

william's grocery arley alabama
Photo courtesy of Lakes Online.

The closest post office is located in a tiny grocery store, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

At Smith Lake, knowing everyone’s name isn’t just a skill, it’s a way of life.

You love the lake for its tight-knit community and small-town feel.

You delight in walking into any convenience store and finding the ice cream right next to the fishing bait.

Everyone knows each other, and the area has a country charm you wouldn’t trade for the world!

3.You know exactly where Three Fingers and The Smith Lake Castle are

One of the best parts about Smith Lake? Its many quirky landmarks and characteristics you won’t find any where else.

Three Fingers Rock, a popular rock formation, dares only the bravest jumpers to plunge 35 or 40 feet into the deep water below.

lewis smith lake castle home lake house for sale mr. smith lake justin dyar

Lewis Smith Lake is also home to “The Smith Lake Castle,” a 5,500-square-foot mansion resembling a centuries-old country estate in England.

When your friends climb on the boat, you’re always excited to showcase the personality and character of the lake.

4. You can see your toenails in the water

crystal clear water smith lake, al
Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Smith Lake is known to be the second-cleanest lake in the United States, behind only Lake Tahoe in Sierra Nevada.

Lose something in the shallow water? No problem.

What better feeling than to know the water in your lake is always pristine?

5. Holidays are the perfect excuse to kick back, relax and spend time with loved ones.

You know you’re a local when you’ve gathered with your loved ones in Smith Lake Park to watch Fourth of July fireworks.

At the lake, you know that whether it’s National Pancake Day or Memorial Day, you have the perfect excuse to take the day off and spend it on the water.

enjoy the view perfect vacation spot 4th of july

Ask any local and they will tell you that the best part about living on Smith Lake is the stunning, natural beauty of the area.

There is nothing quite like waking up and looking out your window to 21,200 acres of sparkling water.

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