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Can I search for lakefront-only property?

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Not yet, but we are working on this capability.

We would love to add a “lakefront only” search option, but unfortunately, many multiple listing services (MLSs) where we get our information do not provide this information. Some do not even track this information at all, while others do not send it out in data feeds to their brokerages (like us).

However, we know this search feature is important and we are working to build data tools to overcome this lack of information. Unfortunately, due to complications in data information, this search feature will not be available in the next few months.

We can still help you find lakefront-only property.  If you have a specific lake (or lakes) of interest, our local agents can often provide more specific information. Simply contact one of our expert Lake Homes Realty agents at the lake (or lakes) of interest to you. In most cases, they can provide you exactly the information you seek, through local databases and their own local knowledge of their lake markets.

The more information about what type of home and price range interest you, the better our agents can provide you more specific listing information.

Glenn S. Phillips is the CEO of Lake Homes Realty. He is also an author and speaker. When not thinking about real estate and technology, he periodically plays his ugly tuba (complete with a bullet hole), enjoys exploring cognitive thinking, and dark chocolate.

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