Decision Making 101: Pre-decide

Decision makingMy friend John Burdett has written a great post today about decision making and his advice to Pre-decide.”  As John says, “You have to pre-decide how you will respond before you are in the middle of a circumstance.”

This is great advice for home buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. Far too many smart people limit themselves to only reacting to situations about their home buying/selling process that should have been expected situations. These individuals are often poorly prepared for decision making, having put little-to-no advance thought into their upcoming possibilities.

I would submit that for real estate agents, this goes even farther. True professionals prepare, train, and seek out ways to continually learn (and improve) new skills. They have pre-decided to be better decision makers. They work on better pre-deciding through ongoing preparation.

The really smart people have considered their options and choices in advance. It’s not hard, but it does take effort. Of course, in the long run, better decision making takes less effort than failing.


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