De-winterizing Your Home – How To Deal With Frozen Pipes

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Cold weather climates instantly cause homeowners to prepare for the winter months to come, and protect their homes from different types of damage that may occur.

However, when the Spring thaw comes roaring your way, it is time to undo all of the things that were done previously to keep it safe from the cold and acclimate it to the warmer temperatures.

There are some steps that you will need to take in order to de-winterize your home.

Water Pipes

Now would be the time to check for any frozen water pipes. Make sure you feel the water pipes with your hands or with an infrared scanner that can indicate the temperature and whether or not there are any frozen sections in the water pipe.

Thawing of Frozen Pipes

If you do discover that some of your water pipes are frozen, you must first open your faucets, then use one of two methods in order unfreeze your pipes so that the water starts to flow again.

• Turn up the heat in your home. It can be a slow process but is very safe. Even though it may take some time to unfreeze your pipes, this is a highly recommended method from professional plumbers.
• If there is a specific part of your pipe that you know is frozen then take a hair dryer to it until you notice a change in water flow.
• This should be used as a last resort but you can also use a propane torch to warm up your frozen pipe. It is a much quicker method to use but is also more dangerous and should only be done by someone who is trained to use a propane torch and can practice extreme caution.

Burst Water Pipes

If you notice that there are any burst water pipes in your home after you thaw then you need to act as soon as possible to get these pipes repaired. The longer you wait the more expensive the damage can become. If you do find a leaky pipe make sure you turn off the water supply as soon as possible.

If you know how to repair a leaking pipe then this would be the time to utilize your skills. If you do not, this would be the time to call a plumber and let a professional handle it. You will also need to replace any plumbing traps underneath your sinks.

These are just a few helpful tips you can use to help get your home ready for spring. A frozen pipe is never a good thing, so if you do not know how to handle the situation you should call a professional as soon as possible to get the problem squared away. Now your home should be ready for those warm spring and summer months ahead.


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