9 Things That Potential Home Buyers Hate

If your home is on the market, there are specific aspects of your home you will need to fix should it be a problem. The following will help you understand the top ten turn offs for a potential home buyer.

9 things home buyers hate1: Smells

If you have a smelly house, then it will be much less likely to sell. Odors that turn a home buyer off includes smells like dogs, cats, small caged animals, cigarette smoke, and others.

It is highly suggested to install some plug-in air fresheners and allow them to fill the house with fresh scents at least an hour before the potential buyers arrive, in addition to thoroughly cleaning the carpets and upholstery.

2: Dog Greetings

Although you love your fluffy puppy, others might not, especially when “Fluffy” is a large Rottweiler. Dogs do scare some people no matter how small or large they may be.

You will need to find a dog sitter during the showing of your home. Do not put them in a room of the home; the entire home needs to be available to potential buyers to view.

3: Icky Bathrooms

Bathrooms that are less than clean and tidy are a turn off for potential buyers. Make sure the toilet, sink, and shower is scrubbed. Sweep and mop the bathroom floor.

4: Low Light

Low lighting can make your home feel small and dungeon like, so make sure that there is adequate lighting. Open or remove drapery to allow the natural light inside.

5: Loud Walls

Busy or loud wallpaper will be a turn off. It is suggested to apply a fresh coat of paint to walls using off-white or even beige in color. It opens a room up, makes it look bigger, and reflects light.

6: Wet Basements

A damp or wet basement is a sure way to turn the homebuyer another direction. Make sure that you clear drains and use a dehumidifier should you need one.

7: Insects

It does not matter what type of bug it is, whether it is roaches or spiders; no homebuyer wants to see bugs in a home they may want to buy. Make sure you get rid of them in some fashion.

8: Low Curb Appeal

You will need to grab the attention of the homebuyer. Plant flowers, cut the grass, and make sure the outside is tidy. The yard is one of the top aspects of a home the potential buyer will look at.

9: Noisy Sellers

Everyone hates when people look over their shoulders, and this is the same situation. Do not hover over your potential homebuyers. Allow them to look through the home and talk amongst themselves. It will help them make a positive decision in regards to your home.

Selling your home does not have to be as hard as others make it seem. Clean your home inside and out will be the hardest part. This is hard only due to time and may involve some physical exertion and the rest is extremely easy. Take the list to heart, find a qualified REALTOR, then proceed to happy selling!


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