10 Ways to Protect Your Lake Home from Break-Ins

Leaving your home, even if it’s for just a few days can be quite nerve racking because of the rise in home invasions and break ins.

Locking the doors just isn’t enough in this day and age. But lucky for you, there are solutions to help keep your home as secure as possible while you’re gone for the weekend.

man with crowbarIf you want to leave your lake home and be free from anxiety, then just follow a few of the steps below to help protect your lake home from break-ins!

Hold Your Mail

This tip works really well.

If you’re going to be leaving your lake house for longer than three days, it’s vital to call the post office, and inform them that you would like them to hold your mail.

This will prevent a huge build up of mail, which is a sign that you haven’t been home in a few days.

If you don’t have the time to call the post office, or you just don’t feel like it, you can ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail for you, on a daily basis.

Creating the illusion that someone is home

Another tip is to leave one or two lights on throughout the house.

If a burglar sees any lights in the home, it’s less likely that they will want to break into the home.

Stay off Social Media

Don’t announce that you will be leaving on social media.

This could be invite someone to break into your house.

Sharing the hard dates and times of when you will be gone on the internet is an easy way to target yourself for a break in.

Have a friend stay over

Another good way to keep your home safe is to invite a friend or relative to stay the night.

Of course, you would want this to be a trusted person. But if someone is in the house there is less of a chance it will be broken into.

Install an alarm

You can install a security system.

Today, there are system which allow you to see home from your own mobile device, in real time.

These types of security systems give you the comfort that your home is safe, right at your finger tips.

Auto time the sprinklers

If your home has a sprinkler system, you can set the timer on for each day.

If an intruder sees a wet lawn, they will most likely think somebody is home and not take the chance of breaking into a house and getting caught.

This is an excellent way to protect your home.

Set up mobile phone camera

Did you know you can now buy cameras that you can see from your phone?

It doesn’t matter if your 1000 miles away. These types of security systems send the stream straight to your phone; not to mention you can also lock doors and turn lights on and off remotely.

Prune your trees and shrubs

If you have high bushes and trees, it will be easier for an intruder to break in.

But a clean looking house with viability in all directions is a safe house.

Use Shades to keep your valuables hidden

You can close all the shades in the house to make sure that anything valuable is hidden.

If an intruder can’t see the items in your house, they will be unsure if breaking into your home is worth the trouble.

Reinforce Old Locks

If you have old locks, make sure to buy ones that look newer and are more sturdy.

An intruder is less likely to try and pick a lock if it looks up-to-date.


Keeping your home safe has never been easier. All you have to do is take a few steps to help put your mind at ease.

Always remember to give a key to a relative or trusted friend, turn your alarm on and leave a few things on in the house.

That will help you keep your house safe while you’re away.


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