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In 1962, our Lake Hamilton summer home became our permanent residence. Talk about culture shock for an eleven year old girl that had been raised in Texas! However, life on Lake Hamilton wasn't all that bad. My father, who was now a retired American Airlines pilot, started the 2nd marina on Lake Hamilton 'Adams Yacht Sales'. It's still there on Lakeland Dr. and reflagged as Hot Springs Marina. Pontoon Boats were now all the rage as well as Inboard/outboards. Dad had an OMC dealership and we were lucky enough to have a boat to use all summer long...every summer. Water skiing was top of our list of things to do every day. The Adams kids knew the Lake Hamilton shoreline!


Right around 1970, the Marina was sold and my industrious father began condominium development. His first project, Twin Points Condominiums, was right up there in the first few condominium HPRs built on Lake Hamilton. My brother and I were both off to college now and when we came home, gone was our log cabin looking home on the lake and in its place was a condominium development with a pool in front. We took note of what was going on and continued on with our career paths. In the summer of 1972, my father urged me to do something constructive and get a Real Estate License. As it turned, that was pretty good advice, since years later I'm an active Real Estate Agent and totally enjoying 'Selling condominiums and lake homes right here on Lake Hamilton'. I've had other careers, obviously, but I am liking this career and time in my life best of all! Hot Springs is now more than on the verge of a big boom, it is happening. What a great time to be a Lake specialist in Real Estate here in Hot Springs.


If you are wondering what else I've done through the years, here it is:


1975 Graduated from Louisiana Tech with a BS in Professional Aviation.


1976 Piloted a Beech Bonanza in the last official 'Powder Puff Derby' which was awesome!


1977-1979 worked as a corporate pilot for GTE in San Angelo, Texas.


1980-1990 married life and raising two daughters. Was active in Real Estate from 1983-1985. Looking back, that was beyond ancient. The technology factor was simply not there.


1993-2005 Back to work... as Lab Director and flavor chemist for Grapette International. Originally in Hot Springs they are now located in Malvern, Arkansas. That was a good experience.


In 2009 I activated my Real Estate license for the second time since 1983. I spent a short, interesting three years with Fowler Auctioneers out of Glenwood, Arkansas in the Real Estate Auction business. In 2012 I began to focus more on Lake Hamilton properties along with other real estate here in Hot Springs. I have been very active in sales and vacation rentals during the last seven years. And I have learned that "Life is better when you are grateful".


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Sally  Adams

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Featured Lake Hamilton Lake Homes

Featured Lake Homes

About Lake Hamilton

Supreme Destination of Central Arkansas

Lake Hamilton is a unique recreational destination in the Hot Springs Metropolitan area. The downtown atmosphere is just a skip away, including the National Park Medical Center, Memorial Field Airport, Walmart, hotels, and attractions.


A Well-Populated Lake


The Carpenter Dam created lake Hamilton on the Ouachita River in 1932. The lake runs for 18 miles and has a surface area of 7,200 acres. The 200 miles of shoreline has many unique inlets and coves. There is a lot to see around the shore, nearly filled with homes, restaurants, and resorts.


Feel Like Every Day is a Vacation


Everyone will find their place at Lake Hamilton: boating, swimming, water skiing, tubing, wave running, sailing, or kayaking.

Lake Hamilton fishers have opportunities to catch smallmouth, striped, spotted, and white bass; crappie, catfish, and pickerel. The lake is managed by the Game & Fish Commission, so it has hosted multiple fishing tournaments and will continue to host many more.

The lake is home to three islands with Electric Island being a hit location where you can hike woods of pine, oak, and hickory with chances to see raccoons, armadillos, woodpeckers, or even a bald eagle if you are lucky.


Firework Celebrations and Fun Opportunities


Memorial Day or Independence Day are events you cannot miss at Lake Hamilton, boats fill the lake in celebration and hang around for the music-synced firework displays. Garvan Woodland Gardens is an impressive 210-acre botanical garden that overtakes a peninsula of the lake that can be accessed by boat or car.

Take an evening boat ride to your new favorite restaurant; there are quite a few around the lakeshore with a place for you to dock your boat. For a city-goer, the Hot Springs Mall, Hot Springs Cinema, Oaklawn Racing Casino, or Magic Springs Amusement Park just minutes away.


Exceptional Lake Property


Splurge on a property at Lake Hamilton to get a piece of central Arkansas’s greatest attraction. Its pristine waters, scenic views, and the laid-back environment are sure to please everyone.