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Just the thought of selling a waterfront property is more daunting than an ordinary home. Generally, there are lots of extra items such as docks, boats and other accumulations that have found there way into the yard or garage (sometimes “garages”) over the years. And unless you are moving onto another lake, you might figure it’s time to say goodbye to those things also.

But lake properties are great for creating lasting memories, and ending an era at the lake home or cabin can be an emotional and trying time. Your enjoyment there with family and friends has been essentially priceless, and even that old set of water skis is hard to get rid of. So now you hope that someone else will love your property as much as you have, and that they will see the value as you do…much beyond its outward appearance. They may even want some of those cherished treasures of yours, and you just might include some of them for the right price!

That is the nature of lake property sales.

The only time most people really want to sell lake properties is when they either become too much of a burden due to health and age issues, or they need to do it because of relocation or financial situations. Unlike move-up buyers, and those who just want a change of scenery, that doesn’t happen as often on the water. Living on the lake is what you strived for in the first place!

But most buyers are just the opposite. They don’t care as much about your memories as you do. They see themselves looking for a brand new playground or amusement park, and a lot of your stuff is stopping them from getting to the rides! They didn’t see that runabout all shined up sitting at the dock waiting for the next skier – because you didn’t even put the dock in the water this year…and that boat is covered up with junk in your garage.

They ask their agent why in the world you would ever choose that color of carpeting…22 years ago…and the agent just shrugs as if they’ve never heard that question from a buyer before. And that prospective buyer, who made you leave your home for two hours so that they could spend five minutes viewing it, trots off with their agent to the next lake property on their list. understands that there are two separate goals going on here. By teaming up with local real estate agents who are knowledgeable in lakeshore properties, sellers get to work through with Realtors who understand property values around lakes in each market area, and the continuous changes happening with prices and market times in each one of them. These agents have dealt with plenty of lake homes and cabins in the past, so they also understand the priorities of the buyers. And they know how to help you get your place in the condition it needs to be for a successful transaction.

But the one thing most important in selling waterfront properties is…finding the buyer in the first place! That is where excels, and in an Internet Age, there aren’t many who can do it better.

You have already found our website by some means, whether it was through a search engine, an ad, a recommendation from a friend, or just by knowing our name. But however you found us, you did find us! And plenty of other people find us each day, too. Some of them might just be the ones who are in the market for a lake place like yours, and our goal is to make sure that those are the ones who come out to see it.

By providing some of the most current techniques, with video, localized blogs, direct links to local lake properties, and other methods to make the buyers’s lives simpler, we can attract just the types of buyers you need. And since our local real estate experts are featured right on your area page, those buyers can actually talk with the agent who knows your property better than any. Isn’t that what you are looking for in the first place?

We are adding new agents and areas in Minnesota and Wisconsin each day. By looking in your local market area on our site, you can find our local expert there and contact them directly. But if your area isn’t yet featured, it may be by tomorrow or the next day. Otherwise, just give us a call or email and we can get you the help you need.

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