Your Lake Home Needs An Outdoor Propane Burner

Everyone knows that outdoor propane burners are great for camping, but did you know they can be especially handy around the house as well?

Here are 4 tasty reasons to have an outdoor propane burner at your lake home!

Low Country Boil

There is nothing better get together at the lake than a crawfish, or low country boil!

With a propane burner and a big enough stock pot, you can create an all you can eat buffets of potatoes, corn, sausage, shrimp and crawfish for even the largest crowd and with minimal effort.

outdoor propane burnerOnce you’re done cooking just spread some newspapers out on a table or two, dump out your seafood feast, and let everyone dive in while enjoying the outdoors and the lake view.

This also makes cleanup a breeze, as you have one pot to clean and can simply throw away the newspapers and hose off the tables.

Click here for a simple recipe that is sure to please.

Fried Turkey

This year when Thanksgiving rolls around, surprise everyone with a deep fried turkey!

You’ll never experience a juicier (yes, juicy turkey!) more flavorful bird than one that has been deep fried.

Just be sure to follow all instructions carefully when cooking your turkey, as that much hot oil can be a safety hazard if not handled properly.

For detailed instructions on how to safely and tastily deep fry your turkey, click here.

Homemade Chili

Nothing beats a warm bowl of chili on a cool evening by the lake.

With a propane burner you will be able to make homemade chili that tastes great, and you’ll be able to make enough to feed an army!

Just take your favorite chili recipe and increase the portions to match the number of people you will be feeding.

One thing to take note of is that the propane burner runs much hotter than your typical stove, so make sure to keep the heat low and stir frequently to avoid scorching the bottom!


With the rising popularity of craft beer, many people have taken up the hobby of homebrewing and creating their own beer.

While creating a 1 or even a 3 gallon batch can generally be done pretty easily on a stove, once you get to a 5+ gallon brew it is very hard to maintain a rolling boil.

That is, unless you have a propane burner!

Not only will it maintain a rolling boil with no problem, it will also reach that boil much quicker, helping speed up the overall time spent brewing.

These are just a few examples of the versatility of the propane burner and the various ways it can be used.

If you’re looking for a nice supplement to your grill, add a burner to your outdoor cooking arsenal, and enjoy the outdoors and the lake for more of your meals!




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