Why You Need a Double-Decker Dock on Deep Water

Docks are not only useful for storing your boat, they can also be a hot spot for fun. Having a double-decker dock can almost be compared to having a tree house, but on the lake! And the best part: two decks means two times the fun!

Here are just five of the many reasons to have a double-decker dock:

double decker dock on the lake1. Sun Bathing

Some people like privacy when they sun bathe. Not only do double-decker docks offer privacy when you are sun bathing on the top deck which is often enclosed with a slated fence, they also offer you direct sunlight.

On the top level, you can either enjoy time sunning by yourself, or furnish the area with a small table and a few chairs for others.

You can even offer a storage area to put your sun lotion, towels, blankets and radio in. Just make sure that the storage container is waterproof so your items aren’t damaged by the elements.

2. Boat Protection

Boat protection is another great aspect of having a double-decker dock, as the second floor shields the boat from exposure.

You can also add on to the structure by adding a closet to store fishing poles, life jackets, and other boating essentials.

You can even install a boat lift on the dock to raise your boat out of the water when not in use; just another way to help preserve and protect the investment that is your boat!

3. A Slide

Thrill seekers will enjoy the added height of a double-decker dock which are often as tall as 30 feet above the water.

Slides can be installed one of two ways:

The first starts the rider at the second level and is ridden down to the lower level, at which point the rider is deposited into the lake.

The second and more adventurous option would be installing a ladder to the top of the slide and once the rider reaches the bottom of the slide they fall from the height of the second level to the water below.

4. A Diving Board

Everyone enjoys a fun high dive! With the height of the second level plus the spring of the diving board, you can really soar before plunging into the lake below!

One safety precaution to consider before installing a diving board is to make absolutely sure the water around your dock is deep enough for diving.

This is also important to check even when diving without the aide of a board, as diving into shallow water is extremely dangerous.

Also make sure that the area is clear of all underwater debris, such as old man-made objects or downed trees.

5. Additional Entertaining Area

Having a double-decker dock offers more than double the capacity of a single level dock. You can have extra company, extra activities and the dock will offer much more space for patio furniture or even a grill.

With a double-decker dock, you are essentially providing an extra porch or patio for all sorts of entertaining right on the water!


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