Whiteboard Topics: What is Title Insurance?

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One thing in a real estate transaction that some people may not understand is title insurance. They may ask themselves “What is it?” and “Do I really need it?” To navigate the confusion or uncertainty, here are three things to know about title insurance.

  • Right to Sell. Title insurance is basically just insurance that guarantees that the seller has the right to sell that property. There can be a lot of confusion surrounding whether someone has the right to sell a property — whether that be fraud, a mistake, or ownership uncertainty — but title insurance can help clarify and clean up that misinformation. 
  • Clients Can Shop. You can shop around for title insurance that best fits your needs. The price of title insurance typically reflects the sale price of your home, and relative to many of the other costs involved in a real estate transaction, it isn’t that expensive. Though there are laws in place to protect buyers and sellers from fraudulent title insurance companies, you always have the option to shop around and get prices from various suppliers. 
  • One-Time Cost. This is not a recurring payment. It is a one-time cost that takes place at a closing. Once the title insurance company is paid, they will do additional filings and verifications at the courthouse, and several days later, the buyer will receive their policy.

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