Whiteboard Topics: Selling? 4 Advantages Of Hiring A Lake Homes Realty Agent

When selling your home, you want the best of the best on your side. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, explains why listing with a Lake Homes Agent is the number one option.

  1. More Buyers: Most agents are well-versed in their local market, but our agents have access to buyers around the country. Having a larger pool of buyers makes selling your home all the easier.
  2. Pricing Intel: Your competition doesn’t end with the home next door. Buyers are vetting lake locations across the nation, and our lake homes agents have the pricing intel to ensure your home has the advantage.
  3. Become a Featured Property: Listing with a Lake Homes Realty Agent is the only way for your property to be featured on the Lakehomes.com website. Your home will be given priority exposure to our target audience.
  4. National Network: Our real estate agents are an interconnected group that is committed to helping you buy/sell a home. If one agent cannot find a property for a buyer, they will refer them to another lake homes agent; one of which could be yours.

These are only a few advantages available to you when listing with a Lake Homes Realty Agent. When deciding to sell your lake home, it only makes sense to go with a lake expert!

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