Whiteboard Topics: Predicting the Fall Real Estate Market

If you’re preparing to sell your lake home, it’s natural to wonder how the market will be doing this Fall. Although COVID-19 has left the market’s future more uncertain, some reliable predictions still exist. Lake Homes CEO, Glenn Phillips, shares five things to consider when predicting the Fall real estate market

  • Stimulus checks, the PPP program, and other initiatives have created an artificial economy that will likely continue through the Fall 
  • A high demand for lake houses has persisted throughout the pandemic 
  • Despite the demand, there’s a housing shortage of appropriately priced inventory for lake homes 
  • Consumers’ fear of uncertainty means they are not willing to overpay for homes 
  • As stimulus money fades later in the year, an economic cliff is likely to happen when the true state of our economy becomes clearer.

If you’re buying or selling a lake home, it’s important to keep these Fall real estate market predictions in mind. As a national specialist in lake real estate, we’re here to help. Check out our website for more information.

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