Whiteboard Topics: How Water Levels Impact Your Lake Home’s Value

If you’re looking to buy a lake home or currently own one, you already know that the lake has many lifestyle benefits such as an abundance of recreational water activities as well as 24-hour access to the beautiful lake view from your backyard. But did you know that the water level of your lake could affect your lake home’s value? In this video, Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn S. Phillips gives us four aspects of water levels that could impact your decision to buy a lake home or price your lake home if you’re planning on selling.

1. Flood Zones. If your lake home is in an area prone to floods, this could affect the price of your lake home and the cost of insurance.

2. Deep Water. How deep is the water? If you’re looking to add a dock on your lake property, the water needs to be deep enough to accommodate it. Water levels typically affect the clarity of the lake water itself. Also, lake activities such as fishing could be affected by the level of the water level and certain watercraft are not allowed on shallow water.

3. Seasonal Water. Some lakes have water levels that vary throughout the year. For example, water levels might be lower during the wintertime thus limiting lake activities.

4. Daily Changes. Lakes that are being used for hydroelectrical purposes typically have daily water level changes that could range from 12-18 inches.

If you’re considering buying or selling a lake home, be sure you understand your lake’s water level. If you need assistance with your lake home, our agents at Lake Homes Realty can help provide insight into your lake area and guide you in your home journey.

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