Whiteboard Topics: How to Price Your Lake House

When it comes time to sell your lake home, how do you price it appropriately?

Glenn S. Phillips, Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, answers this question in today’s Whiteboard Wednesday video.

To get the most money you can for your property, Glenn recommends asking yourself four questions:

  1. Are you thinking about the current market value rather than the amount you invested?
  2. Is your home priced to be THE best value in your area?
  3. Is your house picture-perfect and move-in ready? 
  4. Would you buy it at that price?

Ultimately, if your lake home isn’t priced appropriately for the current market, it will “sit rather than sell.”

Connect with a Lake Homes agent to help find the best price for your home, and sell it soon! 

One thought on “Whiteboard Topics: How to Price Your Lake House

  1. I’d like to sell my home at a fair price by listing it at a price range. Something like $500,000 to $550,000. It’s in a very popular area where Realtors are always looking for listings. I expect there will be multiple offers and I prefer that the prices buyers are offering be fully disclosed. Is this possible?

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