Whiteboard Topics: How to Make Sure Your Offer Doesn’t Kill Your Transaction

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When selling your lake home, you may think that taking the highest priced offer is the best choice. However, there’s an anomaly happening in the real estate market now. Lake Homes CEO, Glenn Phillips, explains why taking the highest and best offer can create some problems. 

Picture this: You put your lake home on the market at a reasonable price. You receive a high offer with a pre-approval letter. Then, the appraisal comes back short or the lender isn’t sure they’ll approve it. You’re back to square one. 

To avoid this scenario, get an appraisal yourself. It’ll help you negotiate and price your home appropriately. Further, if you get several potential buyers, consider more than the highest offer. Finally, find a lake agent who knows the market, is familiar with pricing, and can successfully sell your lake home. 

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