Whiteboard Topics: Four Tips on Buying a Lake Home During COVID-19

When the pandemic began, buyers and potential sellers quickly realized that lake houses are perfect for social distancing. As a result, there became more buyer demand and fewer homes on the market. Although this trend has made things complex for buyers, this doesn’t mean you can’t find your dream home! If you’re looking to invest in a lake house, here are 4 tips on buying from our CEO, Glenn Phillips. 

  1. Be fast and aggressive in making your offer. 
  2. Look at the full inventory of lakes for sale.
  3. Find a lake expert agent to help you. 
  4. Consider multiple lakes in different states. 

Don’t forget that buying a lot and building a home is always an option as well! No matter what you choose, Lake Homes Realty is here to help. With tens of thousands of listings in multiple states, our agents use lake-focused expertise to support you throughout the buying process. 

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