Whiteboard Topics: Buying a Lake Home? Do Your Homework First!

Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, gives 5 need-to-know tips before purchasing your first lake home. These tips will help you save money and help you understand what to expect when living on specific lakes!
1. Shoreline Requirements: These requirements vary by lake areas which can, in turn, determine certain limitations such as what you can build, removal of vegetation, etc.
2. Dock Requirements: Some lakes have specific requirements concerning the addition/alteration of docks to your lake home, so do not assume anything goes.
3. Water Level: Understand how the water levels change on your lake because it can determine the height of your dock, the time of year/day you fish, etc.
4. Water Quality: Knowing the quality of lake water, clarity, for example, can give you clear expectations of how it’ll appear year-round.
5. Lifestyle: Determine the type of lifestyle you’d like to live on the lake, whether quiet or active, as it will help you decide which lake and where on the lake to buy property.
Doing your homework before purchasing your dream lake home is essential! It’s better to understand what to expect before making such a big commitment.

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