Whiteboard Topics: 6 Recent Trends in Lake Real Estate

The lake real estate market is forever changing, and it’s important to be in the loop if you plan on buying/selling a home in the near future. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, shares six trends you should stay on top of.

    1. Demand: The demand for lake homes will begin to slow slightly, but will still remain high when compared to industry standards.
    2. Inventory: The supply of appropriately priced homes on the market is at an all-time low and will continue to be scarce.
    3. Lots: Buyers are finding it difficult to discover a lake home with everything they want and are now resorting to purchasing lots to build the home of their dreams.
    4. Competitive Bidding Slowing (Slightly): Bidding was extremely aggressive during the beginning of Covid, but has slowed some in recent times. This is due to the world reopening and buyer fatigue.
    5. Delusional Pricing: Some lake homes are wildly overpriced. This is due to homeowners basing their price on what others sell their homes for rather than what their own home is worth.
    6. Multiple Lakes: Buyers aren’t limiting their scope to just one lake. The Lake Homes website shows that one user will typically look for homes on different lakes in different states.

You can never get too comfortable with the lake real estate market because trends can change from year to year. Be prepared for what’s to come by educating yourself on where the market is headed before you buy/sell your home!

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