Whiteboard Topics: 6 Pricing Secrets for Sellers

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When selling your lake home, it’s important to put yourself in the best position. This means understanding the market, or working with an agent who does. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips gives six pricing secrets for sellers. 

  1. Hot ≠ Stupid: Even though the market is hot, this does not mean buyers will pay crazy, overpriced houses. Start at the right price instead of receiving no offers and having to cut the listing price.  
  2. List $ ≠ Sold $: Comparing your listing price to neighbors’ listing prices will set you up for disappointment. Listing price does not mean the house sold for that price; knowing what homes are selling for is more valuable. 
  3. Local Comps ≠ Lake Market Comps: Buyers could be looking at multiple lakes or even in different states. Working with an agent who understands the entire lake house market will set you up for success.
  4. Pretending ≠ Selling: Include an honest description of the home and make sure you are serious and committed to selling. 
  5. Time = Money: The longer a house is on the market because of a too high listing price, the more money it will cost you. Buyers will believe something may be wrong with the house or are simply unwilling to pay the listing price. 
  6. Start Too High ≠ Best $: Starting too high on your listing price means eventually having to cut that price. This leads buyers into believing you will cut the price further and therefore offer even lower.

Selling your lake home doesn’t have to be difficult. Set yourself up for success and work with an agent who knows not only your lake area but the lake house market!  

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