Whiteboard Topics: 5 Things Lake Homebuyers Must Know About Mortgage Rate Increases

Increasing mortgage rates are unpreventable, and have an impact on how you, as a buyer, will purchase your dream lake home. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, shares five need-to-know factors involved with the rise in rates.

  1. Less DIRECTLY Important: Depending on the size of the mortgage, it can affect the amount of home you can get for the same monthly cost.
  2. Investment Sense?: Buyers are more likely to take out a mortgage for a lake home now when interest rates are still low, and pay it off with ‘cheaper dollars’ in the future as rates increase.
  3. Slow Price Appreciation: No matter the market, lake homes need to be priced appropriately, especially as rates rise. Not many buyers will continue to be enthusiastic to pay such high prices.
  4. Do Not Solve Inventory Shortage: Rising interest rates will not be enough to stop the lake home shortage. This means that although buyer competition has slowed, it hasn’t stopped completely.
  5. Expertise Still Matters: Ensure you are still making a smart investment in this shifting market with the help of a lake real estate expert. 

The market is ever changing, and knowing what to expect can help you make smart investment decisions. Having a lake real estate expert who knows how to guide you through these rising rates will ensure a smooth buyer experience!

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