Whiteboard Topics: 5 Surprising Reasons Some Real Estate Agents Discount Commission

If something sounds too good to be true, there’s usually a reason behind it. This week, Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, breaks down 5 shocking reasons real estate agents discount their commission!
  1. Relying on the Market: The current market is hot, so the agent will rely on it to sell your lake home instead of their services.
  2. Reduced Effort:  Sometimes, agents will stop putting in as much effort as before. This is also because of the hot real estate market.
  3. Buyer Bait: Some agents will use your listed lake home as bait to draw in potential buyers to build upon their clientele.
  4. Planning to Double-Side: The listing agent has plans to represent both the seller and buyer during the transaction. These deals don’t typically end in the seller’s favor.
  5. Starvation: There are more licensed real estate agents than homes to sell. This can cause agents to discount their commission in hopes of making a sale at all.
Before listing your lake home with an agent, be sure their intentions are geared in your favor! A discount in commission isn’t worth subpar service in this hot real estate market.

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