Whiteboard Topics: 5 Reasons Your Dream Lake Home May Not Be Waterfront

When buying your dream lake home, it’s important to review all your options. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips gives five reasons why a waterfront lake home may not be for you.
  1. Water view: Although waterfront homes seem to be the obvious choice, they can be hard to come by. A great alternative is a water view home, because of the amazing view you’ll have of the lake.
  2. Water Access: These lake homes may not have a view of the lake, but they are in close proximity and are typically located in a community. These are great for those who consider their lake home their ‘second home’.
  3. Bang for the $: One of the biggest benefits of choosing a water access home over a waterfront home, is the bang for your buck. You’ll be able to get a lot more space and a more modern look if you forego the lakefront home.
  4. Competition: The competition for waterfront homes can be overwhelming. Choosing to buy a different type of lake home can lessen the competition, making for an easier buying process.
  5. Future Plans: A water view or water access home can be a great ‘first lake home’ for a much better price. Taking this first step can allow you to plan for the future. 
Knowing all your options is key when purchasing your dream lake home. Make sure to review all your lake has to offer!

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