Whiteboard Topics: 5 Reasons to List Your Lake Home Before Spring

Are you thinking of selling your home this year? You might think that spring would be the ideal time to sell your home, but we think otherwise. Here are 5 reasons why you should list your lake home before spring.

  1. Lake buyers schedule. Lake home buyers have a different schedule. Because lake homes are not considered a discretionary purchase, the average lake home buyer is not affected by decision-making drivers such as school year cycles, job relocations, etc.
  2. Hot for selling. The lake real estate market is hot right now. There are buyers wanting to buy now and have their home ready for spring.
  3. Economy. The economy is strong right now but during these unprecedented times, the state of the economy is unpredictable. Therefore, buyers are less likely to pay an optimal price or might opt to wait on purchasing their lake home.
  4. Reduced inventory. Lake home buyers are wanting to make a purchase now. If you wait until spring to list your lake home, you’ll be faced with increased competition as more home sellers will be listing their homes as well.
  5. Time Value of Money. Expenses such as a mortgage, utilities, and home maintenance costs could be reduced if you list and sell your home now instead of waiting until spring.

We hope you find these tips valuable as you venture out on your journey to selling your home. Please feel free to reach out to our lake experts for guidance.

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