Whiteboard Topics: 5 Reasons to Buy a Lake Home Instead of a Beach Home

Are you torn between buying a lake home or a beach home? Here are five reasons to buy a lake home instead of a beach home.

  1. Sand. Most lakes don’t have sand so if you’re not a fan of having to clean up sand from your home or property, then a home at the lake is perfect for you.
  2. Salt water. With the exception of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, the Dead Sea in Jordan and Israel, and a few others located in various parts of the world, the majority of lakes in the United States are fresh water. Therefore, one of the benefits of having a lake home is not having to worry about corrosion of your home or furniture as you would if you owned a beach home.
  3. Sharks. There are no sharks at the lake.
  4. Docks. With a lake home, you’re able to have your own personal dock to enjoy making personal watercrafts easily accessible at your home or property.
  5. Shoreline. The option of finding a lake home is far greater than a beach home because there is more lake shoreline than beach shoreline.

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