Whiteboard Topics: 4 Tips for Lake Home Buyers in this Hot Real Estate Market

You can never be over-prepared when buying your future lake home. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, has four tips for buyers in this hot real estate market that you’ll want to check out before you make your next offer!
  1. Easy to Understand: When making an offer, ensure that it is easy to understand. Making it too complex can confuse the homeowner and their agent.
  2. Ready Cash: Having plenty of cash available can help you stand out against other buyers with loans. Sellers feel more secure with cash offers because of the added security.
  3. Improve Credit Score: Improving your credit score beforehand will help with your buying power. It can help with loan approvals and lowering interest rates.
  4. Follow Seller’s Rules: Be sure to follow the rules of the seller when showing interest in their home. Failure to do so can cause your offer to be overlooked.
Buying a lake home shouldn’t be complicated. Following these four tips can help ease the process, and give you a better home buying experience.

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