Whiteboard Topics: 4 Reasons Why Inflation Matters to Lake Home Real Estate

Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Philips, explains why inflation has such a big impact on real estate as a whole, and why you need to understand how it affects lake real estate if you’re interested in purchasing/selling a lake home.
  1. Mortgage Interest Rates: The combination of low mortgage interest rates and a steady increase of inflation may affect buyers who typically pay cash for lake homes
  2. Stock $ Impact: Lake home owners are usually also investors, and depending on how inflation is affecting stock value, this could influence whether they keep or sell their homes.
  3. Influence of Headlines: The buzz generated from worlds like inflation can have an impact on how potential lake home buyers/sellers participate in the real estate market.
  4. Investment Value: Real estate is usually a good way to hold investments, so purchasing lake homes as your second home is a viable option.
Knowing how big of an influence inflation can have on lake real estate will help you navigate this market when buying your dream lake home!

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