Whiteboard Topics: 4 Reasons Buyers Need A Lake Expert Agent

You need to be sure that the home you choose is on a lake that allows you to have the lake lifestyle of your dreams. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, explains why choosing a lake expert is so beneficial for a buyer.

  1. Unlike Other Property: Lake real estate is a specialized market. Agents that only focus on primary residence homes lack critical lake knowledge that only a lake expert would have.
  2. Regulations: To live your preferred lake lifestyle, you need an agent who can tell you the rules and regulations of the water. Owning a property doesn’t automatically give you the right to make changes or engage in certain lake activities. The rules also vary from lake to lake.
  3. Lake Behavior: A lake’s water level can depend on the season or even the time of day. A lake expert can detail the behaviors of your preferred lake so that you aren’t surprised after you buy.
  4. Zoning and Restrictions: While many lakes have regulations for residents to follow, there may be so parts of a lake that don’t have to follow the same rules. You’ll need an expert from that lake who can show you homes that follow or bypass these restrictions.

Don’t settle for a real estate agent who is unfamiliar with your lake of choice. Working with a lake expert will make all the difference to your buying experience!

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