Whiteboard Topics: 4 Lake Home Upgrades That Can Backfire on Sellers

Home owners know that investing in a lake home by upgrading it can oftentimes offer a high return on investment. But when it comes to lake homes, there are some upgrades that should be avoided. Before you start your next renovation project, here are four upgrades that you need to know that could backfire when it is time to sell.

  1. Swimming Pool. Unlike non-lake homes, adding a swimming pool to your lake home or property does not yield a return on investment. Most people visit the lake or lake home to enjoy the lake itself. Therefore, most lake home buyers don’t find lake homes with a swimming pool as an added investment.
  2. Extensive Landscaping. Beautiful and elaborate landscaping at your lake home might be pleasing to the eyes but the high cost of maintenance and upkeep could scare off potential buyers.
  3. Overdone Renovations. Renovations that are excessive and extravagant can oftentimes backfire you’re trying to sell your lake home. Most home buyers prefer homes that are comparable to other homes in the neighborhood or area and any home that sticks out too much might be a turn off.
  4. Too Customized. If a lake home is too tailored to you and your family, a potential home buyer might lose interest in the home because there are too many features that don’t suit their taste or style thus, they can’t simply can’t see themselves living there.

We hope you find these tips valuable as you venture out on your journey to selling your home. Please feel free to reach out to our lake experts for guidance.

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