Whiteboard Topics: 3 Reasons Why The Highest Offer For Your Lake Home May Not Be The Best Offer

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There is no doubt that right now is a hot market for real estate, but a high offer does not always mean you get that amount at closing. The highest and best offer are not always the same thing. If you are looking to sell your lake home or property, here are three reasons why the highest offer might not be the best offer for you.

  1. Loan Contingencies. This means that if the buyer does not get approved for a sufficient loan, they can get out of the contract. This can be an issue if they give you a high offer that they are unable to follow through on, leaving you back at square one.
  2. Inspection Contingencies. This can lead to negotiating the price if issues are discovered about the property. While these issues may not be a deal-breaker in your mind as the seller, they could be a way for the buyer to get out of the contract or leverage the price in their favor.
  3. Appraisal Issues. With a high-priced market, the appraisal may not come back as high as the price you have set as the buyer. A bank will only loan out so much money, so the issue of who is going to come up with the difference in price can be a challenge. If a buyer does not have the means to cover part of the appraisal gap, their high price may not be as high as expected.

We hope you find these tips valuable as you venture out on your journey to selling your home. Please feel free to reach out to our lake experts for guidance.

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