Whiteboard Topics: 3 Reasons to Not Sell Your Lake Home Now

With high demand and low supply, selling your lake home might seem like the right move, but is it? Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, gives reasons why you may want to reconsider letting go of your lake property now.

  1. Lake Life Matters: If you love the lake lifestyle, life is too short not to enjoy it. Spend time making memories on the lake of your dreams.
  2. Where Do We Go?: When your lake home is your primary residence, it can be daunting to find a new place to live. It could mean it’s time to make your lake home, your permanent home.
  3. Money Does Not Matter: Even though we are currently in a seller’s market, if you’re in a stable financial situation, the money may not matter. The value of life at the lake may overshine the money you’d make from your home now.

Don’t let the lake life you love pass you by if you’re not ready to let it go. Take some time to enjoy your lake home before you put it on the market! 

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