Whiteboard Topics: 3 Dangers of Selling Your Lake Home in 1 Day

While it might sound good for an agent to have a lake home sold in one day, it may not be in your best interest as the seller. You may get a great offer that first day or that first weekend, but here are three reasons to hold off on deciding too soon.

  1. Winning and THEN deciding. Some buyers will win the highest bid before they decide if they even want the house. They know the market is hot, so they will bid high and then decide to go through with the offer or renegotiate using contingencies. People who are more methodical will most likely not jump on the first day.
  2. Fewer offers. You may get several offers the first day or first few days but waiting even two weekends will give time to the methodical buyers to think through an offer.
  3. Out of town buyers. These buyers cannot come in a day. If you give a longer window of time, they will show up with intention and will often have the best deals for the seller.

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