Whiteboard Topics: 3 Aspects of Lake Property

There are three particularly important aspects you must give extra consideration when you’re thinking of buying or selling a lake home.

In this video, Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn S. Phillips goes over why the points are more important when it comes to lake real estate.

  1. Water. How deep is the water? How far is it from the main body of water? How is the boat traffic? Does the water level vary by season? Every lake has its own water characteristic, in fact, different areas of the same lake may vary so these factors can affect the price of a home when buying or selling.
  2. Sun. Which way the home faces relative to the sun is important to the value of a lake home. Some might prefer sunrise or sunset views. If a lake home is situated due north, or in a cove with hills and trees, it views of sunrises or sunsets may even be fully obstructed.
  3. Earth. The terrain on which the home is situated is important to consider. Is it waterfront or water access? Did you know some property is waterfront without water access? What kind of septic system will this property support (as many locations are rural)? 

Because lake real estate is unique with many factors to consider when buying or selling, it’s important that you have a lake expert by your side.

Here at Lake Homes Realty, we’ve got our own licensed agents who are highly specialized in all facets of the lake and the lake lifestyle. If you need help with lake real estate questions or are looking for an expert to help you buy or sell your lake home, be sure to contact us!

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