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What is Wakesurfing?

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Wakesurfing is a sport that has increasingly become more popular in the recent years. It started with a couple of daredevils goofing around with boards tied to their boats and since then it has become an exciting new watersport that is a mixture between wakeboarding and surfing.

Here are some basics for Wake Surfing:

wakesurfingYou will need an Inboard Boat

If you have a boat with an outboard engine, wake surfing is not an option. In order to ride the wake the surfer must stay near the back of the boat, and when you fall you may fall towards the boat. Obviously, you do not want a sharp propeller spinning at 5000+ RPMs any where near your body.

You Need a Rope

Not just any rope but something that is “wakesurf Specific”. Wakesurfing can be dangerous and with a thin rope you can get a nasty burn. The handles are also big and they complement the hurting part if you fall.

You can get thicker ropes and smaller handles but it all depends on where you find your “sweet spot.”

Surf Boards and Wakesurfing Boards

People use to do wakesurfing with surf boards but now there are many companies who make specific boards for wakesurfing. The wakesurfing board is the best choice because it has an easy learning curve.

How to Get Up

Getting up is not as difficult as it looks. Simply relax and lay back while placing your feet loosely on the wakesurf board. Make sure that you bend your knees and start slowly at 2mph, this will give you the chance to dial in.

Keep your arms straight and try to pull yourself up. Imagine that you’re on the floor and someone is trying to pull you up. Simultaneously press down with you feet and point the board in the direction of travel as you come out of the water.

Once you are up and comfortable, you can then toss the rope back to the boat or have someone pull the rope back in. The momentum of the wake will keep propelling you forward at the same speed as the boat.

Positioning your Feet

An important question here is to choose the right width for your stance; usually it’s about shoulder width but your feet can be anywhere from 6 to 18 inches, this depends on the height of the individual. Practice and try to find your sweet spot.

You can accelerate by shifting your weight to your front foot and you can brake by shifting your weight to your back foot, the same applies when you shift yourself forward or backward. Feet positioning is important because when you start doing tricks, you will need to learn to balance yourself with your feet.

Top Speed

The speed of the boat depends on the experience of the wakesurfer, beginners should start with 9mph and can go as fast as 14mph but this depends on the amount of ballast, the hull, the boat, and of course, the surfer.


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