Ways to Stay Active at the Lake this Winter

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With winter comes shorter, darker days that make you want to spend your days cozying up and laying low. These cooler days also make fitting in exercise a little more complicated, and as a result, less desirable. However, it can be possible (and fun!) to keep up with your fitness goals even in the colder months, thanks to simple workouts you can opt to do inside – or out. Here are some ways to keep moving when the temperatures drop:

Take a Morning Walk

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The bright side (literally and figuratively) of shorter days is the beautiful sunrises that winter brings. Give yourself a pick-me-up before the rest of the world opens its eyes by taking in the natural surroundings of your lakeside abode in the morning light. Not only do you fit in some exercise early-on in the day, but this is also a great time to set your intentions for the entire day with a clear mind while appreciating your gorgeous surroundings. Early morning exercise also leads to increased productivity in the hours that follow. Just remember to pile on your winter layers first and wear shoes with hearty traction should you come upon any slippery patches of ice or wet leaves.

If the temperatures dip too low or the weather is too nasty to walk outside comfortably, an indoor treadmill is a great alternative. Setting your treadmill to an incline can help increase the burn for an even more effective indoor walk. Either way, you’ll be achieving your goal of keeping your body moving and healthy!

Take a Spin on a Stationary Bike

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A major incentive of having a lake home is the ability to enjoy the outdoors, but when the temperature drops a little too low for comfort, you can still find opportunities to break a sweat in the great indoors. Setting up a stationary cycle near a window with a scenic view is the perfect way to appreciate the surrounding beauty of your property while staying comfortable on cooler days. There are wide variety of stationary bikes available that are designed to fold up for easy storage when not in use. These are great options when you know you’ll only be using the bike a few months out of the year, or if you simply want the option to create more space when entertaining.

Set up a Yoga Retreat in Your Home

3 women doing yoga lake fitness active exercise at the lake

In addition to being an effective method to becoming more mindful, yoga is a great way to increase blood flow, flexibility and keep your body strong. Best of all, you’ll need very little equipment to have your yoga sessions at home. All you need is a yoga mat (or a padded surface with some grip), and a guide or video to follow. Whether you can set aside 15 minutes or an entire hour, you’ll feel the difference and your body will thank you. Spend the winter fine-tuning your yoga practice and by the time the weather warms up you’ll be ready to take your mat outside… and it doesn’t get much better than yoga in the fresh lakeside air!

Whatever it is you choose to do to stay healthy and active at your lake home this winter, you should be sure to have fun with it and celebrate your commitment to taking care of yourself. Keep yourself accountable by finding a friend, partner, or family member – near or far – who has similar exercise goals as your own. Whether it be going on walks, practicing yoga together, or simply discussing what you’ve been doing to stay fit, having someone to share in your efforts and accomplishments can make all the difference.

Here’s to a fun, active and healthy 2020!

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