Waterproofing Your Books at the Lake

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On a laid-back summer day, we can all enjoy reading a book on our front porch or boat dock. But depending on your proximity to water, it can be challenging to determine the best way to protect your book from water damage. As we book lovers know, a drive-by jet ski that makes a splash or a few kids playing with water toys on the boat dock can do some accidental damage to a paperback. At Lake Homes, we’re here to help you live your best lake life. And if you’re a big reader (especially one who can’t seem to switch to audiobooks), this means waterproofing your novels. So check out these simple ways to keep your books safe from the water this summer!

Floating Book Table

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You’ve heard of floating drink holders, so why can’t there be an inflatable to hold your books? This floating book or tablet caddy is perfect for the pool, hot tub, or lake. Its lightweight frame makes it easy to transport, while the book stand comes with straps that keep your book securely in place. Keep in mind that when using this in the lake, it’s best to use it in shallow waters where you can stand. The last thing you want is for your book to float away with the fish!

Book Bag

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If you’re looking for ultimate waterproofing for your books, look no further than this inflatable book bag from You Bumi. It works by retaining air inside along with the book so that you can create a stress-free reading experience. As for turning the pages, it comes with two small thumb holes so you can continue flipping like normal. This product is especially great if you’re planning on reading in a particularly water-prone area such as on a boat or even on an inflatable.

Waterproof Book Sleeve

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Besides the fun watermelon pattern, this waterproof book sleeve effectively protects your latest summer read from the elements. Made from foam and soft fleece, this product will fit easily in a tote bag or large purse, perfect for carrying from the dock to the house and back. In addition, with this sleeve, you can know when you’ve put your book down that you’ll pick it up again — free from water stains.

Pick a Waterproof Read

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In recent years, Kickstarter has made an effort to create a line of waterproof books made explicitly for beaches, lakes, and pools. From this group, only a certain number of books are available: short stories from Mark Twain, W.B. Yeates, The Art of War by Sun Zi, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In addition to their waterproof features, these books are also tear-resistant and easy to clean. What could be better for a lake and book lover?

DIY Book Cover

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Looking for the perfect summer DIY project? Creating your own waterproof book cover is simple and effective for protecting your latest novel from lake water. For this project, you only need two things — clear plastic vinyl and a pair of scissors. From there, you can show off the original book jacket while also keeping it safe. 

When it comes to waterproofing your books, the key is creating a resistant barrier between your book and the water. These are only a few ideas of how to do that. Regardless of what works for you, we hope you enjoy a summer of good books at the lake!

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