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Twice the adventure! Buying and selling a home at the same time!

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Have you ever needed to sell your home while buying a new home?  This happens often when you want to upgrade homes or when you change jobs, moving to a new city.

To be sure, this is a challenge and one you might find yourself facing in the future. feature by Hal Bundrick of Nerd Wallet is a great story sharing tips from Glenn Phillips, CEO at Lake Homes Realty, and several other prominent real estate experts.

For instance, “Be aware of the market. Typically when it is easier to sell, it is hard to buy. And vice versa. Know which market you’re in, then work on the hardest part first,” says Phillips.

To read the whole story on USA Today, click below:

    How to buy a home while selling one

USA Today - How to buy a home while selling one

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