Turn Your Lake Home Into a Smart Home

Recently, as technology is developing rapidly and making our lives easier, it is being spread to all areas of our life. One such area that has become a trend for technology advancements is the home. Here are some ways to turn your lake home into a smart home:

Entry Security

New gadgets for your home access make it easier than ever to gain entry to your home. These new smart locks can have different ways to verify your identity, from a door lock that reads and recognizes finger prints to ones that grant access using bluetooth on your smartphone.

nest smart thermostatCooling and heating

 House cooling and heating accounts for a great part of energy consumption to keep everyone comfortable. New smart thermostats can implement a technology that will give you the ability to control and monitor energy usage  and temperature settings with a simple app on your phone.

It will learn your family’s lifestyle and daily routine- when members leave and when they come back. It can also be controlled remotely with your phone. Turn the air conditioner on 20 minutes before coming home and you will have a cool welcome without wasting energy cooling an empty house.

Automation in every part of your house

This feature used to be part of science fiction movies decades ago, but it is a part of reality in 21st century.

You can automate the interior shades and exterior ones, control the pool temperature, lights, and music choice as well before your friends arrive with a simple wireless device. Many of these devices can be controlled from your smartphone, no matter where you are in the world!

Smart TV

High definition, LED TV’s do more than just display images. Many TV’s today are Wifi enabled and have built in apps for your favorite entertainment like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

The implementation of these technologies is increasing daily and what was unrealistic and expensive yesterday, is present and affordable today.


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