Tips for Dealing with Spring Pollen

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Allergies are a horrible thing to deal with, especially when spring pollen comes into play. It can cause many symptoms from a runny nose to headaches and at times fevers.

Spring brings sunshine and flowers; however, it also brings misery to so many people every year. There are many that have to seek relief from medical experts in order to just function daily.

One of the keys to controlling your allergies is to know what triggers you personal symptoms. Since there are millions of particles flying through the air, finding relief from allergies can be almost impossible.

However, knowing the trigger will help you keep some of the symptoms at bay. Here you will find some tips on how to help your allergies this spring.

1: Wardrobe

You may be thinking this is a weird one, but it is quite scientific. Wear clothes made of natural fibers.

Synthetic materials can create an electrical charge that will attract the pollen to you. The will also breathe better and will not harbor any mold.

2: Time Your Activities

If you exercise outdoors, watch the news. Your local news channel will give an announcement daily of the pollen count. If you do not catch the news, you an always check online.

Another useful bit of information to know is that the pollen count is at its lowest just before dawn. If you have to miss that part of the day, then take a non-drowsy antihistamine 30 minutes before leaving the house.

3: Gardening

If you have an issue with pollen and you are a gardener, you are asking for allergy problems. However, if you take an antihistamine 30 minutes before going outside, it will drastically cut down your allergy issues.

Digging in dirt sirs up a lot of pollen. You should also wear a facial mask while tending to your garden. Make sure to wash your hands, clothes, and hair when you enter the house to remove any pollen that has attached to you.

4: Keep it Clean

By “it”, this tip refers to your house. Vacuum the rugs, carpet, and furniture often. Leave your shoes by the front door as well. (This is another reason a mud room can come in handy.)

Take down any drapery and wash them regularly to ensure that pollen coming in from the outside while the door is open is washed away. Make sure you dust your home and have a dehumidifier running with a filter.

Although these tips are here to help you, there are some individuals that will suffer from the allergies even when the list is performed. For those with serious allergies, there are shots available. Speak with your physician about a long-term allergies shot to help you through the spring months when pollen is extremely high.


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