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Successful People Think Outside the Box: Sell The Experience

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The old Joke goes…In New York, a guy walks into a bank. He tells the loan
officer that he needs to borrow $5000 because he is going to Europe for two
weeks. The loan officer says the bank will need collateral for the loan. The guy
hands him the keys and the title papers to his new Ferrari that is parked in front
of the bank.

think outside the boxObviously, a $250,000 Ferrari is more than enough collateral so the loan officer
gives him the $5000. The guy leaves and the loan officer drives the Ferrari into
the bank’s underground parking garage and parks it.

Over the next few days, the big joke among the bank employees is all about the
foolish man that put up $250,000 collateral for a measly $5000 loan.
But, two weeks later, the guy returns from his trip and repays his loan. Plus
$26.92 in interest.

The loan officer says to the guy, “I want to thank you for your business, but I’m
curious. While you were away, I checked and found out you are a
multimillionaire. I don’t understand why you bothered to borrow $5000 when you
have so much money.”

The guy replies, “Where else in New York can I park my Ferrari for $2.00/day
and expect it to be there when I return?”

Being boxed in is limiting. There’s the space inside the box and ALL the rest. In
addition to being limiting, the space inside the box is VERY crowded. Many
entities doing many of the same things means no one is set apart. They’re just
another blue M&M in a box full of blue M&Ms. You get the picture.

Successful people continually think outside the box. Whether in marketing or
customer relations, setting yourself apart from those who are thinking inside the
box is crucial to realizing business goals.

Bill Gates didn’t sell computers. He sold the experience of having personal
computing power in every home. Apple doesn’t sell tech toys. They sell cool
ways to connect with the world. Amazon doesn’t sell stuff. They sell the ability to
quickly and conveniently find what you’re looking for.

We sell dreams. Dreams of summer afternoons on the water and evenings spent
by the fire pit. A client may be looking at a dock but what they’re seeing is a
child’s first fish.

Property is a means to realize those dreams and when you
market the dream, in all reality, you more effectively market the properties and
your local brand.

director of development john sims


 John Sims is the Director of Development at Lake Homes Realty




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