Showcase Your Lake Pride With Custom Lake Gifts

Photo courtesy of Well Told Design

On our blog, we’ve previously written about lake-inspired gifts. Whether it’s a last minute gift, a thoughtful gift basket, or a closing gift, a present that reminds the recipient of the lake is always a good idea. However, most lake-related paraphernalia broadly alludes to the lake lifestyle, such as fish themed wall decor, or a clock with scattered numbers indicating “lake time.” But what if you’re looking for lake-inspired gifts that are specific to your own lake? With products from the following companies, you can showcase pride for your lake region. Pretty and personalized, you can’t go wrong with these custom lake gifts.

Lake Map Mugs

Photo courtesy of Well Told Design

Anybody have a map? Well Told Design does. This company’s specialty is creating distinctive, high-quality products that aim to inspire. One of their collections, Lake Map Mugs, offers a wide assortment of ceramic mugs decorated with maps of specific lakes across the U.S. These intricate designs highlight the topography, shorelines, and roadways of several of the country’s popular lakes. Personally, I have the Lake Champlain mug. I love the detailed drawings and the pop of Cerulean color, and the size is perfect for a generous serving of coffee in the morning. If your lake area is listed, this custom lake gift is a winner.

Wood Carved Lake Maps

Image courtesy of Lakehouse Lifestyle

Need a new serving tray, clock, or photo journal? Lakehouse Lifestyle, a store full of custom handcrafted lake gifts, can help. Originated by lake dwellers of 30 years, this company’s creators know the value of seeing your own lake area represented in your home. Their 3D lake maps are made from stunning birch wood with laser carved maps of your lake’s topography. To add more personalization, you can include your own lake house or favorite lake spots on the map. Each product is made with high-quality craftsmanship that will last as long as your house itself.


Image courtesy of Awesome Stuff to Buy

Do you live on a lake near an urban area? If so, showcase your city pride with products from NeighborWoods. These intricately carved posters feature a myriad of cities across the U.S. and abroad, many of which include lake areas such as Salt Lake City, Austin, and Chicago. Don’t see your city listed? You can fill out a custom order to personalize this product however you’d like. Besides the city pride aspect, the light wood material with simple etchings is a perfect match for a lake house aesthetic.

Framed Lake Maps

Image courtesy of Seibels

If your lake home is in the southeastern U.S., particularly in Alabama, consider buying a custom lake gift from Siebels, a camp and cottage furniture store located in Homewood, Alabama. Available in small or large sizes, their lake maps are meant to showcase pride for your particular lake. They feature detailed outlines of several popular lake areas in the state such as Smith Lake, Lake Martin, Lake Wilson, Lake Wedowee, and more. The rustic brown, angler aesthetic of these lake maps make them perfect for any lake home.

With the holidays coming up, these custom lake gifts are also perfect for any lake-loving friends and family!

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