Remodel Your Basement for More Space at the Lake

When it comes time to do some lake home renovations, many homeowners consider improving the landscaping, updating the kitchen, and painting the walls.

But what about creating a new space for your family to enjoy, without having to add-on to the existing structure?

Look no further than your basement! Often, these spaces are used as overflow storage for old life jackets and knee-boards and are rarely utilized to their full potential, but these rooms provide a number of alternative options for use.

Though we may not have an exhaustive list of possibilities, this is a great starting place for getting ideas on just how you can remodel the basement at your lake home into a place the whole family can enjoy.

Additional roomsman working on drywall

Have you ever had too weekend guests at your lake home? The basement is a great space for adding extra rooms for just such occasions, and the best part: you don’t have to add-on to the existing structure.

If your basement space is unfinished, meaning it is not currently livable, Home Advisor estimates the cost of construction could range anywhere from $6,500 to about $18,500. Keep in mind though, price depends on the size of the space and extent of construction.

Construction for an unfinished basement includes such tasks as adding insulation, hanging drywall and installing electrical wiring and plumbing, for starters.

Remodeling your basement this way is often preferred because homeowners get to start with a blank canvas which requires little, to no, demolition.

Another option for adding additional rooms includes remodeling an already finished space, such as an unused game room.

TV/entertainment area

If your lake home has plenty of sleeping space, but is lacking in the indoor entertainment department, consider remodeling your basement into a second living room or media room.

Of course this means buying an extra sofa, TV and, possibly, a sound system, but creating this type of space in your basement is worth it to most homeowners.

Say it’s Sunday, and you’re hosting a football watch party at the lake. If your basement were a second living area or game room, the kids could go down and enjoy themselves while the adults have their own fun upstairs.

Or oppositely, remodel your basement into the man/lady cave of your dreams. Here in your lake home escape room, you can kick back, drink a cold one and enjoy living the lake life.

Investing in a projector system can also transform your basement from casual second living area to your very own home theater! Add a popcorn machine and mini-fridge, and you’re ready for the next rainy day at the lake.

Office to the max

If you work from home, you might be accustomed to working in a closet-sized office space.

But by remodeling your basement, you can build the home office of your dreams.

One option is to make the entire space into your office. With the whole room to yourself, you can consider lining the walls with bookshelves to create your own library. Or invest in a large table, and use the space as a meeting or conference area. How cool would it be to bring your clients to a beautiful lakeside meeting place?

If you have chosen to add multiple rooms in your basement, section off a space for your office. Provide for yourself a roomy amount of space, big enough for a desk, arm chair/sitting space, and shelving.

Painting the walls of your office a creamy latte color and adding deep colored leather and wooden furniture will produce a cozy, sophisticated atmosphere to your new work area.

Second Residence

Another idea for how to utilize your basement space is to turn it into a in-law suite for family weekends at the lake.

Many couples might agree that having a separated in-law suite downstairs, away from their own rooms, could be beneficial after spending the day out in the sun and out on the water.

Not only does this serve to give you and your spouse some often needed space, but providing this type of lodging may help to make your in-laws feel more comfortable and welcome.

It goes to show that you have put thought into the time they will be spending with you.

While your in-laws are away, or if they do not visit often, consider renting out your remodeled basement as an apartment or weekend vacation space.

Creating a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment, complete with a living room and kitchen, is a great way to bring in profit from your home while serving as a home for another family. This can also help offset costs of maintaining your lake home in the off-season.

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