Perfect Magazine Subscriptions for Your Lake Home

If you have a lake home or a vacation home, then you will need some appropriate reading material. Magazines that are theme based offer great ideas, interesting articles, how-to articles, and so much more.

Here is a list of different magazines that will offer you amazing content perfect for your getaway:

couple reading a magazineSouthern Living Magazine

Southern Living is a magazine that concentrates on all aspects of the southern life. It includes recipes, places to visit, people, and so much more.

The subscription is very fairly priced and will offer you hours of reading material.

They have even done an article title “The Best Lakes Across the South,” so check it out!

Ideal Living

For those with thoughts of retirement on the horizon, look no further than Ideal Living. This lifestyle mag focuses solely on destinations tailored specifically for those looking to live an almost resort-like life after retiring.

They often feature many lakes throughout the United States, as well as mountain homes and beach locations.

National Geographic Travel Magazine

This magazine offers great information on different locations found all over the world from lakes to mountains. It offers interesting information on local and exotic locations.

Most people who love lake life also love nature and the great outdoors. National Geographic provides just that!

Cottage Journal Magazine

Cottage Journal Magazine is inspired by seasonal homes and gardens that offer fresh styles and beautiful photography. You can find great articles that will give you great ideas for your lake home. It offers designs and creative ways to offer great ways to relax in your home.

Cabin Life

Similar to the Cottage Journal, Cabin Life is another great read focused on cabin living, which often times goes hand to hand with lake living!

Go Local

If you would like to have more local information, many lakes have regional or even lake specific publications that you can subscribe to. It will offer information about your area, as well as surrounding areas, as well as current events. Some great examples include:

Though many of these can resemble newspapers more so than magazines, they are an excellent source of information to have sent directly to your home!

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