The Many Options of Putting a Roof Over Your Head

If you are building a new home or replacing your existing roof, there are several factors that you should take into consideration. These factors include options, such as the color of your roof, roofing materials, and the type of roof design.

Metal Roofing

The color choice of your roof is perhaps the most important factor that you need to consider. No matter your choice of material, the color of that material is paramount to its functionality.

If you decide to install metal roofing, for example, choosing a lighter color would be superior to choosing a darker one. Lighter colors reflect heat and light whereas darker colors absorb it. Most of your metal roofing materials are made of painted galvanized metal. One of your better choices of which, would be galvanized aluminum.

Galvanized aluminum comes in a natural metal finish. It will reflect heat much better than a painted, darker, galvanized roof. If you can sacrifice color, this is a great choice because of the heat reflective properties. You will save on your energy expenses cooling your home. Metal roofing materials usually come with a 50 year warranty which makes it a great long term choice.

Fiberglass Shingles

Another popular choice in roofing materials are fiberglass shingles. For a shingle roof, the color options vary. If you choose a lighter roof color, you need to consider the plant life surrounding your home.

Oak trees tend to stain lighter colored roofs a rust color over time. This can be very difficult to remove, but it is mostly a cosmetic issue.

A dark color fiberglass shingle will heat up and get very soft. This is important to note, because when a fiberglass shingle heats up during the hottest part of the day, and then cools off quickly (during a possible rainstorm), the shingle could develop cracks and leak over a period of time.

This is worth paying attention to if you are considering fiberglass shingles and live in an environment that has mildly unpredictable weather patterns, and is prone to high heat. These shingles come with up to a 25 year warranty at the time of purchase.

Cosmetic Factors

Another option of roof color/design would be to match the exterior of your home. If you have a brick home, for example, that consists of a blend of different colors, you need to consider which color of brick you want to bring out the most.

Different roofing colors will bring out different colors in the brick, so you must consider taking a look at surrounding buildings in your neighborhood to see how your choice of roofing color will affect the homes surrounding it. Roof color is an important factor in any construction project. Make sure you make a choice you will be happy with.

roof contractorOne of the last things to think about when you are replacing the roof is the cost. You need to get in touch with your local roofing contractor to get an estimate on each type of roofing material.

For example, the metal roof will be more expensive, but you will get a longer life from a metal roof than you would with a shingle roof. Your local contractor will be glad to help you with this decision, as their knowledge of what materials will perform best in your area is experience based.

In the end, it’s all about what is best for your home!

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