Lake Fun: How to Pack the Perfect Picnic

Picnics are great inexpensive ways to get out and enjoy nature, particularly at the lake, but there are preparations that must be made! From cleanup to non-perishable foods, there are some guidelines to help you along. Here are ways to ensure that your picnic will be perfect, no matter if it is for a family outing or for a romantic lunch for two.

picnic by the lakeBeverages and Foods

What is a picnic without foods and beverages? Here are tips to keep your picnic on point and to ensure its perfection.

Types of Foods

It is best to pack foods that do not have to be refrigerated. Foods that you can pack can include fruit, sandwiches, chips, and other items that do not require cold to be preserved.

However, if you are packing anything that includes dairy, ensure that you are packing it with ice.


Make sure that you are using re-sealable bags or containers with lids.  If you do not, then the food could spill inside the basket, which can cause an interruption in the picnic to clean up.

Containers with lids also provide an easy way to transport leftover food back home with you. There are also containers that you can use that will have a place for ice inside the same container in order to keep your foods fresh.


Of course you will need to plan on having drinks for the picnic. It is best to bring a cooler stocked with bottled or canned drinks that do not require cups.

Adding in cups will require clean ice and cups. This will produce more waste and ultimately more items to carry. Bottled water, soda, or juice is best when planning the perfect picnic.


There are foods that call for condiments. To help make your haul weigh less, you can pack mini bottles of mustard and ketchup, or use mini packets like you see at fast food restaurants. This will ensure that you are not lugging big bottles. Using packets will make clean up much less work as well.

Another idea is to take everyone’s order before you make the meal and apply the condiments to the sandwiches for each person as it is made.

Picnic Tableware

Eating on the grass or an old picnic table can take away from the perfection of your picnic. Here are ways to ensure a peaceful and clean environment to eat outside and enjoy your company.


Although you will be using paper plates and cups, it is best to you reusable utensils. To keep clean up easy and fast, bring a freezer bag to place dirty utensils in after the picnic is over.


Napkins are a must for personal clean up and messes. Make sure to pack enough per person and a handful for other uses.


Cleanup items are very important. You cannot just leave things behind. Here is a list of items you will need for your picnic.

  • Trash Bag
  • Moist Towlettes
  • Napkins
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Paper Towels

In order to have a perfect picnic, you will have to plan it out. Make sure that you have adequate amounts of food and other items. Make sure that you  use a tote that will not fall apart and leave your picnic in the grass. Pack a blanket or a tablecloth and enjoy the day out at the lake!


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