Higher Water Levels for Lake Martin, AL!

Great news for those living on (or looking at houses on) Lake Martin near Dadeville, AL, as Alabama Power has announced higher water levels for the lake!

The announcement came from Alabama Power on Thursday, April 2nd with findings from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) report recommending higher water levels in the winter as well as a longer period of full pool.

The Details

The full pool level during the warm months at Lake Martin is 491 mean sea level (msl). Then, starts to decline beginning September 1st. These changes will keep the high summer of 491 msl for up to an additional six weeks longer, extending full pool into October.

In addition, the previous winter level was set at 481 msl, but in the future will only drop to 484. This may not seem like a big difference, but some homes may now have year round water. Unlike before, this is huge news for homeowners (and their property values).

Alabama Power, stakeholders, local leaders, and multiple public agencies have all been working together since 2006 to get the changes made on the lake, and they are finally seeing the fruits of their labor.

What This Means

The longer the lake is at it’s summer level, the more people are able to use the lake for recreation. In addition, it also makes the lake more aesthetically pleasing as the shoreline is less barren and more attractive.

Michael Langston, one of Lake Homes Realty’s agents on Lake Martin had this to say about the news:

This is a monumental decision by FERC that allows our lake season to be prolonged by at least an extra 8 weeks. When before the water would start dropping by the last week in August…. Now it will be mid to late October.

The water temp is still in the 80’s and very pleasurable for water sports.

Now restaurants, marinas, shops and other commercial industries that thrive off the seasonal business will have an extra 2 months of good solid business.

One major factor many people consider when choosing a they would like to live on is water levels. Some lakes have year round water levels, while others, like Lake Martin, have seasonal changes.

The longer the lake is full, the better!

For detailed information and a copy FERC’s Final Environmental Impact Statement you can visit the FERC’s eLibrary and find it filed under docket P-349-173

Portrait of Eli Kirkley

Eli Kirkley is Director of Communications at Lake Homes Realty

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