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Healing Water for Lake Lovers – Aquatic Sports for Therapy

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Those who love the lake know they feel physically and mentally rejuvenated after spending time near healing water. The healing power of water is utilized by numerous groups across the country for therapy. Veterans, cancer patients, and those with special needs are among the focus groups using lakes and rivers for therapy.

The Healing Wild 


Despite technological advancements increasing the time we spend indoors, we are still innately connected to the natural world.

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy explains that since the beginning of time “people have gone to the wilderness to seek vision, experience a deeper sense of self and reality, and find healing.”

The Addiction Recovery Guide further explains that outdoor therapy increases positive feelings of self by deepening one’s connection to and ability to survive in the natural world.

The Healing Water

Everything from the sound and reflection of water to the movement of the body in the water has an uplifting result on the mind and soul.

Some people realize the healing effects of water and share their experiences with target groups needing therapy.

While veterans have a variety of organizations to choose from there are those who focus on other special needs groups.

Healing Water for Veterans

Team River Runner gives veterans and their families a challenging atmosphere where they can use leadership and team building skills to overcome the negative feelings associated with being injured while serving the country.


Paddle for Peace “allows nature to help heal the wounds of war.” They use kayaking as outdoor therapy for war veterans.

Heroes on the Water is a non-profit organization that uses kayak fishing and outdoor therapy to “relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate.”

Other Special Needs Groups

First Descents is an organization that provides resources for those ages 18-39 fighing cancer to climb, paddle and surf.

Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center has provided opportunities for those with special needs to ski and kayak for more than 30 years.

The healing power of water and aquatic sport therapy is now used for dementia, chronic back pain, arthritis, and more.

“Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived.” ~Sidney Sheldon

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