Why It’s Great Living on a Lake With Boating Restrictions

Although there are many people who enjoy the active lake scene, there are others who enjoy a lake that is peaceful. There are benefits to living on a lake with boating restrictions.

You definitely should not let boating restrictions make you turn away from a beautiful home on a relaxing lake.

Lower Noise Levels

boating restrictions calm lakeDifferent lakes have different restrictions. Just because the lake has a restriction, does not mean that boats are not allowed to be on the lake. It may mean that the motor cannot go over a certain size.

Restrictions help keep the noise to a minimum. It will help to not disturb those who live on the lake or those who are fishing at the banks.

Safer Conditions

There are many accidents that happen due to boating. Swimming in the same waters that where boats are zooming by can prove to be a dangerous situation.

Every year there are different accidents that cause injuries or worse. Living on a lake that has restrictions will keep swimmers and children safe from bad accidents from those who speed around the lake.

For those lakes that do not restrict to the point of boats not being allowed on the lake, they do have restrictions on other aspects to include safety. For example, some lakes have a restriction on how fast a boat is able to go. Others have extra water patrols, and some even have lighting requirements to ensure the boat is lit properly for visibility.

No Wake Zone

This zone is put into place in areas like docks, marinas, bridges, and residential areas. The zone keeps the area safe for everyone.

These zones are enforced to protect people and property. They help prevent flooding from high waves, help with shoreline erosion and prevent boat and dock damage.

No Environmental Damages

There are lakes that have strict regulations about pollution and sanitation. This is to help prevent damage to the local environment. Some lakes have restrictions on the type of engine due to exhaust fumes and oil leakage.

Others have restrictions on the way you dispose of waste, so the water is protected. There can also be restrictions may be the way you launch your boat to prevent shoreline erosion.

Canoeing and Kayaking

If you enjoy paddling then a restrictive lake is ideal for you. You will be able to enjoy calm waters without the worry of boats and their associated wakes. Instead of being turned off by lake restrictions, you should be aware of the large benefits that restrictions have to offer. Typically restrictions do not seriously impact the way the water is used, they just help protect the community and the environment.

Restrictions keep you and your property safe and should not deter you from purchasing your dream lake home!

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