Great for All Seasons: A Highlight of Traverse City, MI

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It can be difficult to find a lake area that’s pleasant throughout all seasons. Summer heat can keep you close to the air conditioner, afraid to go outdoors and face the humidity. On the other hand, the winter blues can make you feel lonely as everything closes shop, and you have no choice but to bundle up inside the house. One location that’s close to perfect, regardless of the weather, is Traverse City, Michigan. Every season provides plenty of opportunities for the whole family to get outside and enjoy the pleasant lake atmosphere. Take a look below to see what’s available in Traverse City– winter, spring, summer, or fall!


Photo courtesy of Traverse City Tourism.

In some vacation spots, winter shuts down all the activities, everyone goes home, and everything goes quiet. In Traverse City, winter is one of the more exciting seasons. A major attraction is the ski lodges that surround the area. At night, they even offer cross country skiing. Further, one of the best winter attractions specific to Traverse City is snowshoeing across the sand dunes. This activity allows you to see the beauty of the lakeshore in the quiet winter snow.


cherry blossoms
Photo courtesy of Traverse City Tourism.

With the flowers in bloom, spring is an excellent time to enjoy the beautiful, quaint life of Traverse City. You can go on a tour of the cherry orchards that peak around mid-May. It’s a full excursion of beautiful cherry blossoms and flowers around the area. Another great idea for spring is a wine tour to explore various vineyards throughout the region. May is Michigan Wine Month, which Traverse City celebrates through specialized wine tours. Many visitors make the trip to Traverse City to enjoy a fun weekend discovering the vineyards in northwest Michigan.


traverse city lake beachy shoreline

Of course, you cannot beat the weather and lake life in Traverse City during the summer. Because the city sits right on the lake, there are countless opportunities to enjoy a sun-kissed day full of swimming and outdoor activities. If you’re a history buff, a popular option is to set sail on one of the tall ships. Summer is also considered a festival season. This city hosts the National Cherry Festival every July, which is a great time to enjoy this classic fruit from the Cherry Capital of the World. Additionally, there is a fun art and film festival scene throughout the summer where you can discover the latest, cutting edge creations from various artists.


fall foliage traverse city michigan

As the leaves begin to change, you will not want to miss the beauty of Traverse City. The best way to get out and enjoy the crisp fall weather is a hike along available trails. The famous sand dunes make for an excellent view of the lake, but there are also various forest trails in the area to enjoy watching the changing leaves. Another unique way to enjoy this season is by attending Traverse City’s annual Beer Week in November, an event that highlights local breweries. During this festive week, you can sign up for a race or check out other seasonal events. 

Whatever time of year you choose to visit Traverse City, there will be no shortage of activities to enjoy in this versatile, northern Michigan paradise. 

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