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Fun Tech Gadgets for the Lake

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In the 21st century technology is heavily relied upon even at the lake. For those that love technology there are many gadgets that are fun by or on the lake. This article has useful information regarding tech world must haves for outdoor enjoyment.


These waterproof cameras allow users to take still pictures or videos of fishing trips, swimming fun, boating and are even capable of capturing scenes under the surface of the water. Photographers love the variety of ways to capture art in places where your camera typically cannot go.

The pictures and video are easy to upload to your computer where ever you are for editing and sharing. As a perk of owning a Go-pro, you will get software free of charge that you can use to edit your own content. User friendly and fun for the whole family, this gadget is a must have.

Depth Gauge

When you are on a boat, it can be impossible to figure out the depth of the water at times. This gadget is a must have for any boat owner. It will measure the distance from the surface of the water to the bottom.

It will tell you different conversions in order to tailor it to your specific preferences. The depth gauge allows you to see areas your boat can safely venture and areas your guest can safely jump or dive into the water.

Fish FinderFishing

Fish finders are a fisherman’s best friend. If you are going fishing and actually care if you catch some, then you will definitely enjoy the fish finder. A fish finder tells you where you can find the fish by digitally displaying what is under the water.

This will help you find a good spot to fish by showing you how many fish are in that specific spot. Knowing where to cast your line saves a lot of time on the lake.


Remote control helicopters and planes are extremely fun, but today’s version is the drone. The drone has so much power that there are some that you are not allowed to fly in certain areas. Some drones you even have to register prior to use.

They do not take a typical battery, but most have rechargeable batteries and are flown using a smart phone or a tablet. You can even go crazy and purchase one that can carry cargo like cold beers from your campsite to your boat.

Big Turtle Shell

This is a wireless speaker that will allow you to have music without the risk of ruining your mp3 device. It is water resistant, shock resistant, and dust proof so you can protect your mp3 device while rocking out on the boat. The speaker is made for outdoor activities of all types such as camping, fishing or boating.

Since the demand for convenience has increased technology designers have been forced to think outside the box for outdoor fun. Now you are able to amp up the fun in the water even if you prefer the techy lifestyle.

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